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Saturday, 20 Oct 2018

Incontinence - Renessa

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A non-surgical treatment is now available for women who experience SUI. The Renessa treatment uses a small device which your physician passes through your urethra. The Renessa treatment involves the controlled heating of tissue sites at the base of your bladder, after which the device is immediately removed.

The treatment is typically performed in the comfort of your physician’s office (or in some instances in the outpatient surgical center). There are no catheters and there is no cutting.

The Renessa treatment requires only about a 45 minute to an hour office visit, after which you can safely resume virtually all activities the same or next day. Your recovery is rapid and comfortable, with minimal limitations. The full effect of the treatment is typically seen within 60-90 days.

Three-year clinical studies have shown that three quarters of women see a significant improvement in symptoms; 70% reduce their leakage by at least half; nearly 60% were able to completely eliminate their use of pads.